HVAC Instant Quote Online was developed by HVAC veterans who identified a major need in the industry and decided to provide an online quote service to benefit consumers. We believe homeowners like you deserve an honest price YOU can count on. We believe in quality installations. We believe in transparency. We believe YOU come first.payne heating and cooling products

In addition to offering a market leader in well priced, reliable HVAC units, Payne Heating & Cooling Products, we also partner with the best HVAC dealers in the nation who are committed to your home comfort and safety. We work with these dealers to guarantee your quoted price and provide installations we would recommend for our neighbors and families. To us, you are family.

What do we do?

  • Provide a Guaranteed System Quote Online

  • Connect You with a Vetted Contractor

  • Schedule Your Quality Installation

The HVAC IQ site provides an Instant Quote on your new Payne HVAC system which not only provides a guaranteed and locked-in rate for the system that best fits your parameters, but also connects you with the best Payne certified dealer in your area. We have scoured the nation & have identified the BEST Energy Star qualified, highly rated technicians who are ready to provide the quoted price for the services and systems YOU need. The best in the business get the business they deserve and the customers we LOVE are getting the best care. It’s a win-win.

Why do we care?

  • We are people, too. We have homes and families and people to protect and keep comfortable. We care about staying cozy and warm in the winter and cool and comfortable all summer long – but it’s more than that.
  • We care about protecting our loved ones from harmful air impurities and carbon monoxide.
  • We care about keeping our structures safe from excessive humidity or extra-dry conditions.
  • We care about protecting our environment by conserving energy and considering our emissions.
  • We care about honest consumerism – the idea that a person can buy what they want to buy for the price they want to pay. We believe that’s fair.
  • We care about helping consumers feel educated about big purchase decisions – this isn’t just a pair of shoes or a restaurant for date-night. This is your HOME. This is your livelihood. We care about that.