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payne heating and cooling products

Want to learn more about the Payne product line and manufacturer? Read on!

Payne Products

Air Conditioners

We have designed our split system AC units to remain durable in all weather, providing reliable, cooling relief through all your hot months. From a brand born in the heat of southern California, we understand the importance of cool comfort in your home. When you pair our outdoor air conditioning unit with a compatible indoor unit – your Payne furnace or Payne fan coil – you’ll experience customizable, dependable air control with the efficiency and affordability you deserve.

Ductless Systems

Not all rooms in all homes are equipped with ductwork and ventilation. Whether you’d like to control the temperature in your garage, attic, or other space that is not connected to your current ductwork or you have another area or outbuilding that requires heating & cooling solutions, a ductless system is a simple, effective alternative to duct installation or a bulky, inefficient window unit. The ductless system is positioned high in the room and provides even flow of warm or cool air into the area. For ductless solutions, you will also require an outdoor condenser, as part of your system.

Gas Furnaces

As the fuel behind most centralized airflow systems, the gas furnace is a reliable, efficient, and safe way to heat and cool your home. In the winter, running your furnace will keep your home comfortable and cozy and when the warm weather hits, your furnace can collaborate with your air conditioning unit to cool the home, too. Often housed in your basement, or another isolated portion of your home, a gas furnace is simple for Payne dealers to install & maintain.

Heat Pumps

As one of the quietest ways to maintain home comfort, heat pumps are a great choice! Ours are economical, energy efficient & energy star qualified, plus they are installed and maintenance by some of the best techs in the world – techs trained on Payne! Some homes also choose a heat pump in addition to their gas furnace to benefit from dual-fuel control and the ability to heat the home without burning so much energy. Smart!

Packaged Products

Are you an all-in-one kind of person? Do you prefer things to be tied up into neat little packages? We do! Efficiency (in energy conservation, and in lifestyle) are big priorities for us! This one-stop install and easy-to-maintain system type will allow you to heat and/or cool your home with ease and in a compact way! If customizable, reliable comfort is your priority, and you want it to be SIMPLE, you should consider a packaged system.

Fan Coils

In variations such as variable speed, multi-speed, ceiling-mounted and compact, our fan coils are fully-equipped and ready to play nice with your new heat pump. Serving as the indoor component to a heat pump system, our fan coils provide reliability and sleek design that can be installed traditionally, or on a wall or ceiling for even less impact on your square footage. For impeccable transfer of heat and effectiveness that is unmatched in the industry, make sure your fan coil comes from Payne.

Payne History

The name Payne has been pioneering the HVAC industry for over a century. In our more than 100 years as a household name and leading brand of HVAC systems, we have learned a few things about the way homeowners like you manage your home comfort. In fact, we’re so in tune with our end-consumer and the roles of heating and cooling in the home that we have fashioned some of the best products in the industry AND managed to maintain some of the most competitive industry pricing, too. Here’s a look into how Payne came to be a leader in home comfort:

1914: Our founder, D.W. Payne, and his sons began building gravity-type furnaces in Los Angeles in a converted shop fashioned from a barn. Soon after, they built the first floor furnace to be installed in a conventional crawlspace beneath a home.

1933: The Payne team began building the first forced air, down discharge furnace to introduce into the market. Payne was also the first to market a forced air furnace approved to be installed in a closet.

1950: The Payne company pioneered new innovations in the industry including perimeter temperature control and zone heating. This was also the year we added remote air conditioning products to our home comfort product lineup.

1962: This year, we unveiled the first horizontal forced air furnace for outdoor install as well as vertical combination units for small areas such as apartments, classrooms, and offices, making heating & cooling more dependable and more affordable for small spaces.

1974: The Carrier Corporation formed BDP this year – a collaboration between Carrier, Bryant, Day & Night, and Payne.

1980: As our world advanced, the Payne brand improved efficiencies across all products. Through good fortune and hard work, our Southwest-born brand, which had built up a reputation in the western U.S. began to expand into the Midwestern and Northeastern states.

1990: Following the success of our expansion in the eighties, we grew the Payne brand into the Southeastern states in the nineties.

1997: By this time, Payne had expanded into a fully national brand and changed their mission. We began our goal to produce the right products in the right places at the right price. We also made it our mission to have our products available whenever needed by increasing production.

20 years later: Our product line is a simple, no-frills fleet of highly dependable, efficient, and affordable products such as air conditioners, gas furnaces, heat pumps, coils, duct free systems, and packaged solutions. Our products are made to be reliable, suited to the needs of the needs of the American homeowner, and above all, truly cost-friendly.

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