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air conditioner maintenance

Is Your Air Conditioner Summer Ready?

With the spring falling away and summer coming into full swing in Phoenix, your air conditioner will be your best friend. If you’re new here, you may be in for a bit of a shock and if you’re a veteran, you’re probably already gearing up for the hot, hot heat. You have your SPF, your […]

Make your house a home

How To: Make Your New House Feel Like Home

Congratulations! You’re a new homeowner! Right now, you’re probably feeling a mix of excitement, uncertainty, and newness that only comes when you make a BIG life change like this and kudos to you, for pulling it off! Moving is incredibly stressful, as is the financial impact and the time it takes to find and purchase […]

Stay Cool in Phoenix

Don’t Screw Up: Staying COOL in Phoenix

Welcome to ‘Don’t Screw Up’ – a series that features real problems and fails from homeowners like YOU! Every month, we will be rounding up a few of the biggest homeowner flops and mistakes and bringing them straight to you – so you can learn the EASY way. Last month, we talked about homebuying and this month, we’re […]