Air Conditioning Condenser Replacement

What is central air conditioning?

Central air differs from some other types of home cooling systems because it uses ductwork to disperse cool air throughout your home uniformly through your vents.

In this scenario, you will need an outdoor air conditioning unit (called an air condenser unit), as well as an air-handling unit (such as a forced-air furnace), as well as a system of ductwork and vents that will allow the cooled air to travel to the rooms of your home or business.

The condenser sits outside of your home, while the rest of the system reside within your home – typically housed in an attic or basement where possible.

Central air conditioning relies on refrigeration to condition the air, or make it cool.

Benefits of a Payne central air conditioning unit:

Central Air offers uniform, reliable comfort.

If you live where it gets hot, hot, hot OR if you are someone who prefers every room in the house to feel equally and consistently cooled to a predetermined temperature, central air conditioning is a better option for you.

Central Air Conditioners are low-impact inside the home.

Because the main condenser unit resides outside your home and all of the other components are usually tucked away in an attic or basement, central air is quiet and takes up little to no living space.

Central Air Conditioning offers better filtration.

Compared to a less robust unit such as a split system cooling unit, full-service central air conditioning filters particles and allergens out of every room in the home at once, for better indoor air quality.

Note: Central AC can require more of an investment than other home cooling options.

Central air conditioners and installations can vary in cost depending on the size of unit your home or business requires. This is determined by the size of area you plan to cool. We measure this capacity for any HVAC unit in terms of BTU and Tonnage.

To cut down on operational costs, it is important to choose a system with a high SEER rating. The more advanced the energy efficiency of a system, the less expensive it will be to operate. For more on this, try out our Operating Cost Calculator.

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