Ductless Air Unit

What is ductless HVAC?

Ductless HVAC refers to any system for cooling or heating your home or commercial space which does not require ducts. Air ducts are the tubes throughout your home in which warm or cool air moves in order to be sent out of your vents and into the rooms you wish to temperature-control.

Ductless HVAC systems include Split-Systems and VRF – or variable refrigerant flow – systems. In either case, the systems do not rely on ducts throughout your home, so the cool or warm air is instead dispersed into the room from the indoor unit itself.

What are the benefits of a Payne brand ductless HVAC unit?

Ductless HVAC replaces outdated standalone units.

Inefficient space heaters, baseboard heaters, window units, and radiators are a thing of the past when replaced by a ductless HVAC system that performs the same function much more efficiently and affordably.

Ductless HVAC is cost-effective.

Where duct-dependent traditional HVAC systems do heat and cool MORE, they also cost more to do so. You can save on your utility bill by opting for home comfort options that are smaller and use less energy. Bonus: there are tax rebate programs available for first-year installs of ductless HVAC.

Install is quick & easy.

Ducted systems require a large disruption of the usual rhythms of your home during install. Instead, opt for a ductless system and know that the whole thing will be finished in just one day – with little disruption or evidence of work.

Your carbon footprint will be reduced!

Not only will you save on YOUR energy bill, but planet Earth will save precious resources, too. Larger, ducted systems often rely on fossil fuels to operate and burn through a lot of energy, quickly. Energy Star recommends many ductless units to rectify this problem and save you money while saving the planet.


Owners of large homes and commercial buildings may not find ductless systems as effective in heating or cooling their spaces and they offer less flexibility and control than a thermostat-controlled, duct-based system such as central air conditioning or a gas furnace.