Payne Gas Furnace Replacement

What is a Furnace?

Your furnace is the part of the HVAC system which heats your home by transferring heat through the combustion of fossil fuels such as natural gas or oil. In climates with colder weather, gas furnaces are common. These units include a heat exchanger and burner, a blower which pushes hot air throughout the ducts of your home, and controls for operation.

Furnaces, like central air conditioning, operate through the programming of your thermostat. If you set your thermostat to 70 degrees, your forced-air system knows when the room’s temperature drops below 70 and will kick on and heat the room back up to your desired temperature.

What are the benefits of a Payne brand gas furnace?

Maximum control.

Few heating options offer the same customization and flexibility of a gas furnace with forced air. With this system, you will enjoy complete control of the temperature of your home including zoning capabilities so different areas of your home get the varied attention to temperature and comfort that they require.

Improved efficiency.

While old furnaces certainly deserve the reputation of being low-efficiency fuel-guzzlers, today’s furnaces can perform at up to 95% efficiency, so you only pay for and utilize the fuel your home really needs to stay warm.

Ideal for big homes and businesses.

Many other heating options simply can’t reach all the nooks of a large home the way a gas furnace can. In this instance, you have vents and ductwork in all the right places and everyone is cozy.

Great for cold weather dwellers.

When temperatures dip below freezing (and for many of you, it’s guaranteed every winter) you need a heating system that can compete against the elements. Heat pumps rely on finding warm air to bring to you – a system that can’t keep up when temps drop. Alternatively, furnaces produce their own heat, making them more reliable.


Gas furnaces rely on fossil fuel. There are more eco-friendly options out there but they have their downsides, too. To best determine which heating system is best for your family, get your instant quote today and begin speaking with an Energy Star compliant and hand-selected HVAC dealer near you!