Payne Heat Pump HVAC System

What is a heat pump?

A heat pump is essentially a temperature transferal machine. Heat pumps move warm air to an area that is cooler – specifically, the area of your home that you are trying to heat. In the summer, heat pumps reverse to circulate extract warmth from your home.

Heat pumps essentially borrow warm air from elsewhere and move it to the location you want the heat to be – inside your home or out of it.

What are the benefits of a Payne heat pump?

Heat Pumps go both ways.

By buying one machine that can work to cool and heat your home, you will be saving money on having two separate systems.

Heat pumps source air economically.

Instead of needing to fabricate cool or warm air with coolant or flame, heat pumps source the air flowing into your home naturally. Bonus: that means the air is free!

This also means, heat pumps are GREEN!

As one of the most energy-conserving home comfort systems, some states and Utility companies even offer rebates to customers using heat pumps. Because it uses renewable energy by moving existing air instead of plowing through energy to “create” new air, your heat pump requires no fossil fuels to operate and is therefore a good choice for you and for the environment.

For areas with very mild changes in temperature throughout the year, heat pumps are ideal.

If you live in a very mild climate where temperatures rarely vary below 45 degrees or above 80 degrees – such as the mid-atlantic states or the Pacific Northwest – you need a system that can heat and cool your home reliably. Consider a heat pump!

Note: Heat Pump Installation Matters

It is important to have your new heat pump installed by an HVAC technician who knows the ropes. He or she will help you properly determine the BTU size for your system and install it with energy efficiency and performance in mind.

You’ll also want to choose a heat pump with a high SEER rating to ensure affordability on your energy bills.

To make the best choice for cooling and heating your home, Get Your Instant Quote now and begin discussing your options with an Energy-Star compliant HVAC specialist who is local to you and hand-picked by the HVAC IQ team.