Payne Split System HVAC System

What is a split system?

A split air conditioner is made up of two parts – an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. The indoor component looks sleek, contains a cooling coil, a blower, and a filter. The outdoor component includes a condenser coil, capillary tubing or expansion coil, and the compressor. This component sits outside the space being cooled by the split system.

What are the benefits of a Payne split system?

Split Systems are simpler to install.

Because Split Systems do not require ductwork, the installation process is simpler and quicker, taking less of a toll on the rhythm of your home during the process. This also means that it is a more affordable installation experience in terms of time and money.

Split Systems are energy efficient.

This cooling system boasts nearly double the SEER rating of packaged systems because the lack of ductwork removes the need for immense air transfer. Systems that do rely on ductwork expend a lot of extra energy to move air throughout the ducts and that energy is always reflected on your bill.

Split systems are customizable.

The Split System components are flexible in terms of configuration which allows for better customization for your airflow needs. You can also purchase a Multi-split System where multiple indoor units attach to one outdoor unit. Multi-splits are ideal for larger areas.

Split systems perform quietly.

Compared to window units and even packaged systems, Split System Air Conditioners make virtually no noise indoors. This is because the noisy components to the system – the compressor and cooling fan – are located outside of your home.

Note: The installation of this system is simpler, but it is also critical to performance.

Installation of a split cooling system must be performed by an HVAC professional. It is often said in the industry that the performance and longevity of any cooling system is determined on the day it is installed – split systems are no exception.

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