Resources… what you need to know now!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    With years of experience in the HVAC industry, our contractors have seen it all. You’re a homeowner, an expert in your own field, a good friend, maybe a parent, too – you do enough! Let us field all of your questions about your home comfort system from which products you have or need to how you can afford and protect a new system.

  • HVAC Operating Cost Calculator

    You have your free Payne HVAC estimate and you know how much your new system will cost to purchase plus your estimated cost to install. But how much will it cost to operate? We provide this tool for homeowners to estimate how much it will cost to operate their systems.

  • Energy Star Qualified Installs

    Learn more about our dealers and their Energy Star qualifications. The ESQI program promotes energy efficiency by outlining certain requirements for the Payne systems and the installation you receive. We abide by the ESQI program & vet only qualified dealers because we care about the environment and your bottom line.

  • Microf Financing

    We partner with Microf to offer a unique form of financing specific to the HVAC industry. Instead of obtaining a traditional loan, you can rent-to-own your new Payne HVAC system with an uncomplicated and affordable financing option from our partners at Microf.

  • Optional Extended Warranty Coverage

    We offer an extended warranty option on your new Payne HVAC unit through JB & Associates. Their Premium Protection plan is catered toward homeowners who have just put hard-earned money into their new home comfort system and don’t want to shell out a new investment on repairs for their new system. Get your extended warranty & learn more about our quality guarantee.