Why use Microf HVAC financing?

Home comfort is important. HVAC systems don’t just provide warmth in the winter and a refreshing cool in the summer – they also provide assurance of clean, healthy air to breathe and the knowledge that no matter what, when you come home, your needs are met. Everyone deserves to feel at-home in their home! Even more, issues with your HVAC system can pose a potential threat to your safety if not rectified – especially outdated ductwork and old furnace technology. Time is of the essence.

Financing allows for a family in need of a new furnace, updated cooling system, or another home comfort solution will not have to hold off. Doesn’t it always seem like your AC will break down on the hottest week of July? Doesn’t it seem like you’ve just spent your life savings purchasing your new home only to need money to fix, like, thirty things at once? Just finance it. Afford peace of mind now, and payments later.

We partner with Microf Financial

Microf offers a new and innovative approach to financing that is exclusive to the Heating & Cooling industry. Like HVAC IQ, Microf saw a consumer need that simply wasn’t being met – when you need home comfort solutions, you can’t always wait until you have a lump investment sum in the bank.

Like us, they focus on building relationships with dealers and with consumers to meet everyone’s needs. We support that.

Enjoy the Benefits of a Secure Financing Option

It’s Simple to Apply. If you have a steady income, valid identification, and an active bank account, the Microf application will be a BREEZE for you! Microf makes it easy. For further assistance, you can reach Microf directly at 855-MICROF1 (855.642.7631).

It’s Convenient to Pay. You can set up flexible options and Microf offers a variety of payback terms so you can customize your financing to suit your budget. Unlike traditional loans, the Microf solution is a Lease/Purchase contract agreement that better cares for consumer needs. Microf offers 4, 5, and 6 year payback plans as well as a nice discount if you pay-out early & fully purchase your new Payne HVAC system. How great is that?

It’s Matched to your Needs. Microf works predominantly with the financing of HVAC systems such as the one you plan to purchase. Because Microf services such a niche set of consumers, your needs are met indisputably and it’s like you’re speaking the same language.

It’s the Obvious Option. You don’t have time to shop around and secure yourself a loan with a bank or other lending company. Instead, partner with us and choose Microf – the alternative that’s more affordable, more flexible, and more catered to you.

Ready to Apply?

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