Why does energy efficiency matter?


The products that power your home and family – especially those you operate daily such as an HVAC system – require energy. We all share the energy available on our planet and some sources of energy are depleting too fast. By conserving energy, you will save money and better respect the limitations of our planet. At HVAC Instant Quote Online, we care about energy efficiency because we want to save you money on operating costs and because we love our Earth.  We only select partners who are Energy Star air conditioning installers and are 100% Energy Star compliant.

What is Energy Star?

Developed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Department of Energy for the United States, the Energy Star has become a badge of honor representing the set of standards we keep for companies and products. Products and companies who properly use and conserve energy are considered Energy Star qualified. Energy Star helps to keep products and companies accountable while helping to inform consumers and build their trust.

What is an Energy Star Qualified Installation?

An ESQI – or Energy Star Qualified installation is an HVAC system installation that is performed with regard to specific expectations, standards, and ideology set forth by Energy Star – a division of Energy Standards set forth by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as well as the Department of Energy of the United States Government.

Our dealers’ compliance with these standards is not only to promote reduced and conservative energy usage in American homes, but also to ensure excellence in every install. Without respecting these installation parameters, a less qualified HVAC dealer would be putting your family and property at risk of harm, adding massively to your energy bill, limiting the performance of your HVAC system, and disrespecting our planet – and we just can’t accept that.

Our dealers who are qualified to perform Energy Star installations value the following:

  • Homeowner education
  • Building awareness of installation best practices
  • Offering accessibility to all homeowners nationwide
  • Differentiating their own businesses from those who do not provide this quality of installation
  • Reducing energy waste & emissions of carbon that result from inadequate installation
  • Strengthening energy efficiency curricula in oversight & education organizations who credential HVAC techs
  • Incentivizing utilities programs to sponsor better HVAC installations

Our dealers that provide an Energy Star Installation promise:

  • Installation of Energy Star qualified products
  • Appropriate sizing for home capacity
  • Outdoor & Indoor unit compatibility
  • Duct seal verification
  • Proper refrigerant charge
  • Air flow testing