HVAC Extended Warranty

You have decided on the perfect combination of heating and cooling systems, you have a locked-in price quote, and you’ve been connected to the HVAC technician you’ve always wanted – someone capable, vetted by experts, certified with the Payne brand and Energy Star qualified. Still, something is missing. What happens if your perfect system is installed perfectly and there’s STILL a problem? Hey, it happens. We’re all human.

Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about repair costs.

We offer an unrivaled HVAC Extended Warranty option. You can choose to add an extended warranty for any Payne HVAC system you purchase through HVAC IQ. We offer protection plans which are tailored to the HVAC industry and promise to protect you against surprise repairs. If your system breaks down unexpectedly, this plan covers parts and the labor for the repair service.

The HVAC Extended Warranty Promise

We offer our optional HVAC Extended Warranty as a way to combat faultless, surprise expenses for homeowners who have parted with precious savings in order to purchase a new system. You have invested in a reputable Payne home comfort system and an expert install – you deserve to reap the benefits of your investment without worry.

Plain and simple.