About the HVAC Instant Quote Site

Q. How do I get my free quote?
There are two ways for you to use our site to obtain a free & guaranteed instant quote for your new Payne HVAC system.

Option 1: Follow the traditional steps to obtain a quote which include identifying the system you need, the size your space will require, and other features that you intend to purchase.

Option 2: Snap a picture of your existing system and let us determine what you need!

It’s that simple!

Q. How do I get in touch with someone at HVAC Instant Quote?
To reach out and ask questions or provide feedback to the HVAC Instant Quote team, please fill out the contact form on our contact page. You will be contacted in return by a knowledgable customer service representative.

Q. How do you connect me with dealers in my area?
We have gone through the process of vetting experienced, well-equipped HVAC dealers in the southwestern United States. Once you have completed the steps to obtain our instant quote, we will show you the dealer closest to you who is guaranteed to provide the price for equipment that you’ve been shown.

Q. How are the dealers on this site vetted?
The dealers we allow on the site and connect you with are registered Payne dealers. These dealers are licensed, insured, and continuously trained on the systems and installation best practices you deserve. We back all of these dealers with our quality guarantee.

Q. Can I purchase just the equipment?
To maintain the integrity of the Payne and HVAC Instant Quote Online Brand, we do not allow the purchase of equipment without installation by our vetted contractor. The equipment can only be sold by a registered Payne dealer, which all HVAC IQ contractors are, to you along with the installation price and any other HVAC accessories and installation products you may need to complete the job.

Q. What is your quality guarantee?
On behalf of the HVAC Instant Quote team and the dealers in your area, we promise to provide reliable products, locked-in price quotes, vetted dealers, expert installation, and – for your peace of mind – an optional extended warranty. To learn more about this, check out our full Quality Guarantee.

About My Money

Q. How do I finance my HVAC System?
The HVAC Instant Quote site partners with Microf to provide you a unique financing opportunity. To affordably make your investment in home comfort without waiting, choose Microf’s lease-to-own financing. Microf allows you to purchase and install your new heating & cooling system after a quick and easy approval process. Learn more here.

Q. Is my estimate guaranteed?
Yes! We have pre-secured your quoted price for the products you choose for your home heating and cooling needs. We will also provide an average installation cost to help you budget your heating & cooling upgrade end to end.

Q. What are the factors that affect installation price?
We can only provide an approximate installation cost because many variables affect HVAC installations:

Ductwork issues may require additional time-of-install repairs. Problems such as leaks, insufficient air supply, or collapsed flex ducts can affect your cost. Electrical inadequacies or issues with the way your new unit and your current living arrangements align could cause installation cost increases. Your situation may require extra steps such as new thermostat configuration, addition of refrigerant lines, or addition of a concrete mounting pad for your new outdoor unit. Your contractor will be able to discuss your unique circumstances with you after a free in home consultation is completed.

Q. How much will it cost to operate my HVAC System?
Many factors can affect the cost to operate your heating and cooling system month over month. The type of system you choose for your home is only one factor that impacts the cost to operate it. Maintenance needs, filter replacements, and – most of all – energy efficiency and energy use behaviors in your home absolutely affect your overall costs. For more information, check out our Operation Cost Calculator.

About My System

Q. How do I know what kind of system I need?
Great question! This can be confusing for any homeowner. Split systems are great because they provide comprehensive home comfort control. Packaged systems are perfect for small spaces. Ductless systems are simple to install and offer precision to heat or cool a specific area. If you’re still not sure which system is right for you, you can obtain an instant HVAC quote by submitting a photo of what you’re working with now. We can figure it out from there!

Q. How do I know what size of system I need?
The sizing for your HVAC unit is measured in BTU or ‘British Thermal Units.’ Without getting too technical about what that means, just know that the BTU for your home is aligned to the square footage of the area you’re trying to heat or cool. You don’t need to understand the conversion because when you use our HVAC Instant Quote tool, we convert your BTU for you! (You’re welcome).

Note: If you have multiple units in your home, you will need to address each one individually, as in most cases they will be different capacities and installation issues could be different. If this is your scenario, you will need to verify Unit Tonnage off the Model number of the unit you are replacing.

Q. What if something happens & I need a repair? 
Things do happen. We do guarantee quality products but mishaps occasionally DO happen, even to the world’s best HVAC products. Don’t worry – you won’t be stranded? Check out our extended warranty page to learn more information about how we’re protecting homeowners from the panic that sets in when the heating & cooling system you budgeted for has a breakdown you didn’t budget for. We’ve got you covered.